The Ljilja

Ripped page from the testament. Correct name. Presence of forks. She spoon-fed me with her waste. Fork in the calf. Amen.

Giulia Agostini

When she was cutting her fingernails of her right hand, she used to count the seconds that. Then she put on the red of Persia nail-polish thinking about those short pants, just above the knee, she had when she was a child. In the sea meanwhile the oil was meeting a. A beam of meaningless for memory.

Sam Phillips

Nomenclature: Surgeon. What? Surgeon. Beyond.

The. Surgeon. Dusky skin you are so vive. 2daysTOSAVEME.

Pantera Noise

When will you come?

I played chess with.

Nobody ends.

On his final : YYY :

I think we should get.

CHESSplayer. In your bed.

Sunshine blanket square.

Mr Balaam




My black cat is in overdose

Sam Kuchvara

Sight. Maybe. Ask for. All the difference.

Acquaint. Coffin. Ask for. A muffin.

Baked muffin with onion and. A muffin or a coffin. Incinerator.

Shot by Kusk

Squeeze harder. 

I can't breathe.


I can't breathe. Squeeze


I can't squeeze. Breathe



Scirocco. Sirocco. Sciroppo. SYRUP.

Mentre ti tolgo il giubbotto. 

Menwhile I’cant unlace her bra. 

Vent le fera. Her bra sway with me in the wind. 

Senti il treno.

Michele Baron

You see the light form.

You see the scar from.

I will bite my ass cheeks 

until your face cheeks

become red.

Tiphaine Crespel

Hiccup under her heels.


Ribbons of stockings just for 

my wrists.

No feeling in this fingers

when my heart collapse.

The Dirtbag

Black horse run.

Dark seahorse_YOU swam.

I swam this river for build

your species.

Alexander Kargaltsev

All the crayons under my fingernails.

Swirling salvation our bodies 

which affect the light of Vega.

Sam Coxx

Mouth: disenchantment.

Cone: disenchantment.


Hole: disenchantment.

Hole: present.

Emmanuel Rosario

Balancing act this night.

State border your sleepy eyes.

Growl in this little ears Gargantua.

Stateless nation this sad eye that rolling in a tired mind.

Dave Kellino

Click Clack Click.

Breakfast time!

Click Clack Click.

Click. swallow. A pill of my 

drunk pee.

Clack Click. Smile for me.

You are so jovial in my bad 


Christo Viola

Freeze this fucking hotspot.

I'll stay out. The smell of your stockings is the better prize before I die.

Before I. 


Fuck! I swear it!       

Give me the tallest building in

this fucking  world and I will 

pee from the top floor right in 

your putrid appearance.

Aizawa Yoshikazu

Sensitive people. Exchange

of saliva.

Exchange of saliva. Open

your skin pores.

Between us. All I could find.

To take your head close to

my knee. 

Aaron McElroy

Out there is alway### Now

lick ma feet to get me as

when I. Ssssss so fake  that I

want escapee inside me

where al(l)WAYs is so true.

Lick your feet to get me as 

when I was. I wrote Out there

is always so fake that I

wrote this stuff twelve years


YOUSEE : no mistake. Just 

life. Unforeseen and Time.


A spoonful of opposition

lodged in this boring bones.

Your boring bones bore me.

I'm the queen of noise in a 

quiet room. A spoonful of

true shit.

Johan Nieuwenburg

The rattling. Old cameras on


Dizzy Dirty  Spider. Tarantula.

Dirty Dirty Pussy & Dirty 

Dirty Cock.

Dirty socks in my mouth 

when when when I say I love.


Julien Muffron

I started a club.

No matter. Off topic.

Just turn the page.

Music. Just Music. What is the primary.

Cut this mirror.

Murielle Victorine Scherre

That's right,

the smoky heart streaking in a blue pony car.

Pick up lettuce when you stop for pee.

Caress me with earthy hands.