Aizawa Yoshikazu

Sensitive people. Exchange

of saliva.

Exchange of saliva. Open

your skin pores.

Between us. All I could find.

To take your head close to

my knee. 

Aaron McElroy

Out there is alway### Now

lick ma feet to get me as

when I. Ssssss so fake  that I

want escapee inside me

where al(l)WAYs is so true.

Lick your feet to get me as 

when I was. I wrote Out there

is always so fake that I

wrote this stuff twelve years


YOUSEE : no mistake. Just 

life. Unforeseen and Time.


A spoonful of opposition

lodged in this boring bones.

Your boring bones bore me.

I'm the queen of noise in a 

quiet room. A spoonful of

true shit.

Johan Nieuwenburg

The rattling. Old cameras on


Dizzy Dirty  Spider. Tarantula.

Dirty Dirty Pussy & Dirty 

Dirty Cock.

Dirty socks in my mouth 

when when when I say I love.


Julien Muffron

I started a club.

No matter. Off topic.

Just turn the page.

Music. Just Music. What is the primary.

Cut this mirror.

Murielle Victorine Scherre

That's right,

the smoky heart streaking in a blue pony car.

Pick up lettuce when you stop for pee.

Caress me with earthy hands.