FALL 2018

Alexander Kargaltsev

All the crayons under my fingernails.

Swirling salvation our bodies 

which affect the light of Vega.

Sam Coxx

Mouth: disenchantment.

Cone: disenchantment.


Hole: disenchantment.

Hole: present.


Emmanuel Rosario

Balancing act this night.

State border your sleepy eyes.

Growl in this little ears Gargantua.

Stateless nation this sad eye that rolling in a tired mind.


Dave Kellino

Click Clack Click.

Breakfast time!

Click Clack Click.

Click. swallow. A pill of my 

drunk pee.

Clack Click. Smile for me.

You are so jovial in my bad 


Christo Viola

Freeze this fucking hotspot.

I'll stay out. The smell of your stockings is the better prize before I die.

Before I. 


Fuck! I swear it!       

Give me the tallest building in

this fucking  world and I will 

pee from the top floor right in 

your putrid appearance.