Nil Chiffon

Lady Stardust

Paolo Filighera


Lanciare sassi al fiume. Facciamolo per il rumore se l'alba ce lo permette // Ti lecco il sangue sulle ginocchia. 72.

Ivana Janovska

Piss on the iron bring luck. I have the superstition in a honey bullet. With your honey I wash my ass! I need to release the evil that talks to me during the night.

John Greer

Nowaydontselldrugsundamyhaus!fkngchristmyzinneonfirw ww.onfirezinne.exit! Iknowhoyouare!arebecomingextinct!

Aimée Sanchez

Play the piano for me with your cock. On the hills: somersault. Put your hand on my mouth while I am sleeping. You pretend to kill me and call the number that ends with 935. In a previous life I was born in 1935.

Kinder film

I manage to undress while I am reading your email. But then when I have to wash the clothes I leave the ineffective sleeves and they don't get washed well. The laundry doorstep has closed.  I keep reading your email with clothespins on my nipples that reminds me:  love is terrible

Kiev Ro

Pray my body hair, one by one, so that they can detect this cold. Pray this cold, or this summer all, so that it suffer my sleep.

Isaiah Guzman

I've built a beautiful rainy day for your funeral. I've lived worse days. You had lived worse days. You Leprechaun / I God.

Sick Pain

I bet my life.4. Drinking the SV:Scolependra Venom.

You bet:Ican:FLYOVER.GrandCanyon.

??? You BET ???